Polyethylene (PE)

HDPE Product Application
General purpose bag, Shopping bag, Roll-bag, Liner bag, Industrial bag, Garbage bag, PE-glove, General injection part, Household product, Office article, Bottle cap and closure, Toy, Chemical bottle, Milk bottle, Lube oil bottle, Net, Rope, Woven sack
LLDPE Product Application
General purpose bag, Vegetable or Fruit packaging, Multi-layer snack bag, Flexible packaging
Agricultural film, Garment film, Multi layer packaging film, Bag in box, Packaging films, Blown film, ice bags, Form fill and seal packaging, Frozen food film, Food packaging, Lamination film

MDPE Product Application

Water storage tanks, Cooler boxes, Kayak, Playground equipment, Decorative items, Fuel tanks, and Automotive parts.

Polypropylene (PP)

PP Homopolymer

PP Homopolymer
General purpose packaging, Food packaging Furniture, Fruit basket, Household product, Toy, Office accessory, Food container, Infant article, Woven sack, Tarpaulin, Straw, Rope, Sheet and thermoforming

PP Block Copolymer

PP Block Copolymer
Pail, Crate, Industrial use, Automotive, Home appliance part, Furniture, Container, Toy,  Luggage, Container, Washing machine part,  Battery case, Refrigerator part

PP Random Copolymer

PP Random Copolymer
Clear food container, Clear household product, Article that requires high transparency,  Thin wall article, DVD case & box, Clear food and large size container, Coated woven bag, Paper laminated woven bag