Plant for the Planet, LSP’s effort to tackle climate change and protect the environment

Climate change becomes one of the most serious environment issues that all nations around the world needs to pay attention Extreme weather events such as heatwaves, droughts and heavy rainfall tends to increasingly occur due to the effect of climate change.

Vietnam also concerns about this global issue which the country has committed in COP26 in Berlin on achieving the target of net-zero carbon emission by 2050. To achieve this goal, in 2021, the Prime Minister has issued a decision approving a project of growing 1 billion trees in Vietnam during the 2021 – 2025 period in which Vung Tau has also accepted this policy with a goal to plant 1 million trees during the year 2021 – 2025.

Contributing to sustainability focusing on ESG

In responding to government’s mission of net zero by 2025 and 1 billion trees during 2021-2025 and to follow company’s commitment to be a good corporate citizen who strives to contribute to sustainable development focusing on ESG (environment, social and governance) in Vietnam. SCG Chemicals (SCGC) and Long Son Petrochemicals (LSP) have initiated and joined in many activities related to plantation to tackle climate change and to protect the environment.

Developing Green Area inside LSP Complex

Mangrove has been known as the best plant that can absorb carbon. At LSP complex, we have conserved 24.3 hectares of mangrove plantation which can help absorb 418 tons carbon per year. Also, regarding to the recent survey, the biodiversity of the mangrove preservation is quite rich as there are many species of birds, lizards, and frogs found in that area. We also have plan to conduct annual monitoring for mangrove condition and biodiversity in mangrove area.

Mangrove conservation area inside LSP complex and example of species found in the mangrove area

Moreover, LSP is now developing landscape design and increasing green area inside the complex. We aim to plant more trees especially along the fence line that connect to communities. This will not only create a good scenic but also create fresh air and improve biodiversity as well.

Landscape design and green area inside LSP complex

Collaborating with province to improve green area in communities

Apart from plantation inside the complex, in 2022, we have joined hands with Vung Tau People Committee for the plantation projects such as plantation 400 trees on Nui Lon mountain in Vung Tau city, plantation of 300 trees along the access road to Long Son Petrochemicals complex in Long Son commune. These projects are in line with the goal of planting 1 million trees of Vung Tau city and country’s goal of planting 1 billion trees during 2021 – 2025 which aim to protect the ecosystem, improve the scenery, respond to climate change and improve the quality of people’s life and foster the sustainable growth of the country.