LSP’s Efforts to Grow together with the future generation of Long Son commune

With the concept to “Learn and Grow together with Long Son community”, Long Son Petrochemicals or LSP, a subsidiary of SCG Chemicals or SCGC, has constantly endeavored to look for the opportunities to understand and learn the background, the culture and the people of Long Son commune through our social responsibility programs. Going through this process, we have come to realize that many Long Son students, who are the future generation of Long Son commune and Vietnam in general, have limited access to the education, such as financial burden, which is one of the biggest factors leading to the students’ drop-out.

To address this problem and to empower the future generation to become well-educated, LSP has implemented the scholarship program for pupils and students since 2010. Through this educational program, we generally aim to offer the educational resources for the pupils and students in Long Son so that they can continue their studies and reduce the drop-off rate in Long Son commune. Our scholarship program has been designed differently to tailor the needs of different group of pupils and students in Long Son commune given our consultation with local Long Son authorities.

The first scholarship program is New School Year – New Hope Scholarship, which is dedicated to the Project-affected and vulnerable students from kindergarten to secondary school in Long Son. These students’ backgrounds are very diverse; however, the common ground is that many of their family lives are marginalized and underprivileged. We therefore would like to motivate these marginalized students to continue their studies through this program. Since inception in 2010 till date, LSP has awarded around 700 students with each scholarship worth of 500,000 VND and the total value is as much as 350,000,000 VND. In particular, we have just awarded 108 scholarships for children and pupils of Huong Duong and Tuoi Tho kindergarten, Long Son 1 and Long Son 2 elementary school, and Bach Dang secondary school during the recent National’s New School Year ceremony on September 5th, 2022.

New School Year – New Hope scholarship at Bach Dang secondary school at the National New School Year Ceremony on 5 Sep 2022

Besides the children and pupil from kindergarten to secondary school, LSP diversifies the scholarship recipients through joining with a tertiary scholarship program, called SCG Sharing the Dream scholarship. This scholarship program is intended for freshman students, who are pursuing university either in Ho Chi Minh city or Vung Tau city. The program’s objective includes upskilling the future generation of Long Son, who will be the future high-skilled workforce of Long Son. Education is inevitably among important steps for a better job and better life.

To become a scholar, the students have to fulfill the scholarship’s requirements, for instance: a good or excellent student during three-consecutive-year high school and passing the entrance examination to the university with high score, which vary year by year. As a scholar, the student will receive a scholarship’s worth of 15,000,0000 VND per year during their four-year college only if their GPA meets our requirements. As of date, LSP has awarded nearly 8 scholarships for 8 students, who are local Long Son residents. These students are currently pursuing different majors across universities in Ho Chi Minh city, such as International Business and Chemical Technology, which are very related to the business scope of LSP. Along with the financial support, LSP has also collaborated with SCG Vietnam to provide the students with soft-skills training, such as leadership and communication skills, which are very helpful to the students’ self-development for both personal and professional level.

“SCG Sharing the Dream scholarship means a lot to me because it motivates me to fulfill my academic dream of pursuing university’s degree, which prepares me with a good job upon graduation. More than that, it offers me with the soft-skill training and like-minded peers in the program, many of whom indeed inspires me to study harder and to be more responsible with the community” reflected by Châu Thị Loan Anh, a scholar of Sharing the Dream scholarship in 2020 and currently pursuing International Business major at Ho Chi Minh City University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology.

4 students from Long Son commune who received scholarships in 2019

Following the commitment to be a good corporate citizen, LSP and SCGC always put efforts to promote human development and better living of people around our complex. And, with the belief that the young generation can seek a better life through education. They will become the change-maker not only their personal life and career path but also the growth of the communities and the country as well.  the scholarship programs are examples of our continuous efforts to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam.