LSP’s Efforts on Green Technologies for an Environmentally Friendly Manufacture

In a response to the current environment issues such as seriously polluted environment, exhausted resources and effects of climate change, the trend of green technology has been paid more attention globally. Green technology is an environmentally friendly technology, which includes the application of new technical solutions and modern technologies that do not pollute the environment or control the emissions at the lowest level in order to minimize the impacts to environment and natural resources. In the developed countries, green technology or green production is one of the most priorities to develop a green economy.  In Vietnam, green technology has been spread to many industries such as industrial, service, commerce, etc.

For Long Son Petrochemicals or LSP, one of our main goals is to be a leader in sustainable development focusing on ESG or environment, social and governance. We have brought modern environmentally friendly technologies to use in the complex in all stage from construction to operation to minimize impact to the environment.  

  • Wastewater management

LSP has invested in a complex wastewater treatment system with the advanced technology to ensure the quality of treated wastewater will always meet the permissible value, not only Vietnamese regulations but also an international standard. In addition, the installation of automatic continuous wastewater monitoring systems has been installed to monitor the treated wastewater quality before being discharged into the environment. This information is always closely monitored by LSP’s operation team.

  • Emission management

In order to treat the flue gas generated from our boilers, LSP has installed 4 Air Pollution Control Systems which include low NOx burner with FGR and semi-dry Flue Gas Desulfurization with bag filter and 1 general ash handling system. With a modern technological process, the treated emission meets the National Technical Regulation on emissions from the petrochemical refining industry.

In addition, LSP has also installed the Automatic Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) to monitor the quality of treated emission before being discharged into the environment.

  • Flare system with new technology

The installation of the Enclosure Ground Flare system (EGF) is one of LSP’s efforts in applying the green technology. In addition to the optimal points in operation with efficiency of burning excess gas, the EGF system also help reducing noise and light that may impact surrounding areas as well as reducing the impact on biodiversity both inside and around the complex.

  • Applying advanced standards in the design of office buildings:

LSP has applied LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for the design of its administrative building. LEED is an international certificate of sustainability excellence and green building leadership that signifies a building that is lowering carbon emissions, conserving resources, reducing operating costs, prioritizing sustainable practices and creating a healthier environment.

Beside the green technology solutions, LSP also put efforts in developing many projects to protect the environment.

  • Waste segregation and waste recycling promotion

 Since the construction phase, LSP has always been promoting 3R concepts which are reuse, reduce and recycle and promote waste separation at source to support recycle process. We also conduct strict monitoring to ensure that all waste from our complex are sent and treated by the licensed companies.

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions

Developing green areas and preserving biodiversity in our complex are also our effort to reduce carbon emissions. We have project to develop green area inside the complex especially along the fence line in order to create buffer zone between our complex and communities. Moreover, we have conserve 24.3 hectare of mangrove inside our complex which can absorb 418 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Mangrove Plantation at LSP Complex

In addition to environmental activities inside the complex, LSP also contributed to sponsor projects on environmental protection in Long Son commune and the Vung Tau City such as plantation along the access road to LSP complex in Long Son commune, plantation on Nui Lon mountain in Vung Tau city.

Collaborated with VTPC for plantation in Long Son Commune and Vung Tau City

With the practical actions above, LSP believes that the application of green technology on production and environmental management will bring the positive and meaningful values in environmental protection and allow us to be able to protect our world for our next generation.