LSP organized 5th handicraft class, aiming to upskill and create job for women in Long Son commune

Long Son, 9 May 2022 – LSP collaborated with LSPC and Long Son Women’s Association to organize 5th handicraft class for women in Long Son. LSP led by Mr. Tanarach Pamornrattapong, Project Enhancement – CSR welcomed all participants to the training class. There are 9 participants joining the class this time.

The handicraft training class is part of LSP flagship project, the vocational training program which aim to upskill and create new careers for communities in  Long Son. The handicraft training class has been held since 2019 with 40 participants joining the program so far. This program can create earning around 1.5 million VND per month for person.

For LSP, communities around our complex is our important neighbors. We aim to learn and grow together with the communities to create a better life for them in a sustainable way. We believe that having a better and steady  income is one way to lead us for a a better quality of life.