LSP held “Personnel Capacity Building” workshop for LSPC, Long Son Clinic and schools in Long Son

Long Son, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, 19 – 20 April 2022 – LSP collaborated with Long Son Clinic to hold “Personnel Capacity Building” workshop. There were more than 50 participants from LSPC, Long Son Clinic and schools in Long Son joined this workshop.

The workshop covered 3 main topics on the first aid training include infectious diseases control and prevention, evaluating and monitoring community health. The objective of the workshop was to enhance personnel capacity of the local clinic, not only to be able to identify health problems of people in communities but also to have skills to take care of communities’ health.

Community’s health is one of the most important things that LSP focus on. We believe that a better life is not only having certain income but also a good health. For LSP, we commit to be a responsible corporate citizen. We aim to learn and grow together with the communities.