LSP held “LSP Plant for the Planet” event, aiming to protect the planet and restoring the balance of nature

Long Son, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, 27 May 2022 – LSP held “LSP Plant for the Planet” Event with an aim to protect the planet and restoring the balance of nature. Attending at the ceremony were representatives from local authorities such as DARD, VTPC and LSPC and local communities around the complex to join.

Mr. Noppon Summaprasit, Pre-commissioning Director – Downstream of LSP mentioned that planting trees is one solution to help ease some environmental issues such as the climate change and global warming, especially the mangrove trees since it is the best plant that can capture carbon emission in the world. For the mangrove conservation area at LSP complex, after planting another 0.75 hectare of mangrove this year, LSP will have 24.3 hectare of mangrove forest in total which can absorb around 418 Tons Carbon Dioxide per year.

For LSP, we have always put environment as our priority. For our complex, We focus on bringing high technology to make all of our activities to be the most environmentally friendly and be able to minimize impact to surrounding communities to the least.