LSP continued to conduct 2nd charity activity in 2023 at Hung Long Temple, preparing herb medicine

Long Son commune, 2 July 2023 – LSP continued the 2nd charity activity in 2023 at Hung Long temple. There were more than 16 LSP volunteers and 5 LSP scholarship students joining this activity.

At the event, volunteers helped Hung Long temple in preparing herbal medicine, which separated into three steps: drying herbal plants, transferring the herbs to the storage and wrapping the medicinal herbs according to prescription.

Mr. Pham Van Luoi, Head of Hung Long temple, shared that the temple was established on 16 January 1990 of lunar calendar. This temple is one of 220 temples of the Pure-land Buddhist Association. Besides worshiping Buddha and founder of this association, Hung Long temple also has a clinic to support herb medicine for local communities and people other provinces.