LSP and SCG Chemicals welcomed the management of Vung Tau authorities to visit SCG Chemicals in Rayong, Thailand

Rayong, Thailand, 20 – 21 April 2022 – LSP led by Mr. Paisan Lekskulchai, DGD of LSP, together with  SCG management welcomed the Secretary of the Vung Tau Party Committee and the Management of Vung Tau Authorities to visit SCG Chemicals or SCGC in Rayong.

The trip included the visit to i2P or Ideas to Product Center to learn about innovative products and service solutions, petrochemicals process to see safety and environment technology, bagging and warehouse, Operational Excellence Training Center, waste management and mangrove preservation at Klang Nam Pagoda and a visit to the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand.

The site visit trip was held to show how SCG Chemicals conduct its business focusing on sustainable development and to ensure that LSP, a subsidiary of SCG Chemicals, will bring best practices from Thailand to adapt with our complex in Vietnam with a goal to be “A Trusted Petrochemicals Company with High Technology and Sustainability”.