1) Storage Tank Farm

Storage tank farm of the project will consist of different types of storage tanks to meet the requirements of different materials with different chemical and physical properties such as feedstock, finished product, by-product and intermediate product. Design of all the tanks will follow international standards and meet Vietnamese regulation and standard. Application of individual type of storage tank is briefly outlined below.

Complex Storage Tank Farms
Storage Tank Number Description
Floating Roof Tanks 3 Use for Naphtha storage which is a feedstock of Olefins plant
Dome Roof Tanks 9 Use for Raw Pyrolysis Gasoline storage, 1st stage Pyrolysis Gasoline and Cracker Bottom which are products of Olefins plant. This will include Raw Hexane and Hexene-1 which will be imported for Polyolefins plant consumption.
Spherical Tanks 12 Used to store High Pressure Ethylene, High Pressure Propylene, Butene-1, Mixed C4, and 1-3 Butadiene.
Double Wall Tanks 4 Used for Low Pressure Ethylene, Low Pressure Propylene tank and Low Pressure LPG storage.

2) Port

Port facility would be constructed for the import of LSP feedstock (naphtha, propane…etc.).  Design of port facility for LSP will conform to applicable Vietnamese standards and regulations as well as international standards. The port facility would include two (2) Hydrocarbon Jetties. The throughput of all feedstock and product from production plant of project will be transferred via hydrocarbon jetty. The jetty berths no.1 and no.2 will be designed to accommodate vessels with carrying capacity of 1,500-20,000 DWT and 5,000-100,000 DWT respectively.